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Sports medicine is a relatively new branch within the medical community in the Netherlands. In 1986 the sports physicians were registered in the Register of Social Medicine. This was a historic moment and a big step forward. In subsequent years, more and more new sports doctors who shifted their activities of social health content to more curative work. In 1993 even started a sports doctor his work in an inpatient setting, below followed by many others. Anno 2015 there are nearly 30 hospitals that have sports medicine inside the walls. Meanwhile, Sports Medicine recognized by July 1, 2014 as a full Medical Specialties. Thus, the sports physician has become an equal partner of other medical specialists to make collaboration and mutual referrals easier. Sport and exercise are important to people and sports medicine plays an important role in reducing the health risks of sports. Sports doctors advise on the prevention and early detection can ill effects. Thus the consequences are less and less serious. As of January 1, 2016 no one, including the elderly and chronically ill who do not (want to) sports, still dependent on their supplementary insurance to be reimbursed for medical care from the physician. Reimbursement of preventive sports medicine examination remains dependent on supplementary insurance.


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