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NeuroLogica Corporation, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is located in the Boston metro area.

NeuroLogica develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical imaging equipment for healthcare facilities and private practices worldwide.

Established in 2004, NeuroLogica launched its first product, the CereTom® portable head and neck CT, in 2005.

It is currently in use in intensive care units, neurosurgical operating rooms, emergency rooms and mobile stroke units.

In 2009, the inSPira™ HD portable SPECT was NeuroLogica’s second contribution to the imaging world.

In 2011, the BodyTom® was launched, a full-body 32-slice CT scanner for use primarily in the operating room.

This system is increasingly being adopted in other areas of the hospital, such as emergency room, diagnostics, brachytherapy and veterinary hospitals.


14 Electronics Ave.
Danvers, Maine 01923
United States

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