NovoPedics, Inc.


NovoPedics, Inc., is developing an implantable medical device that restores mobility to patients suffering from severe meniscal knee injuries. . The company's first product, Meniscofix™, is a biodegradable polymer, fiber-reinforced scaffold for total meniscal replacement. . It provides an innovative way to replace damaged meniscal tissue with a patented fiber-reinforced design similar to the native meniscus and can be attached to both soft tissue and bone, allowing it to be used in total meniscus replacement surgery. . In addition to functional mobility, Meniscofix™ may prevent the long-term development of arthritis that so often occurs as a result of meniscus knee surgery. . Pre-clinical studies have shown strong results through one year post-implantation in large animal model such as sheep. . NovoPedics is finalizing these studies and performing additional in vivo proof of concept studies. . The company has already developed a second generation scaffold device, which has proven to provide better support and repair capabilities than the first generation device. .


120 Albany St # 850
New Brunswick City, New Jersey 08901
United States

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