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Medical 3D printing is empowering the healthcare industry, and is changing the lives of many. SYS Systems works with the world’s most advanced medical teams to pioneer additive manufacturing processes for medicine.

Medical 3D printing is changing the healthcare industry by providing better quality of life through the use of personalised medical solutions as well as improving surgical planning and applications.

3D printing can help doctors and healthcare professionals, and can help surgeons to perform better in complex medical procedures, as well as achieve better patient outcomes.

Polyjet technology offers a range of material properties, from rigid to flexible, opaque and transparent to produce true to life medical device prototypes and highly accurate surgical guides.

For stronger tooling, custom fixtures, research aids and medical device components, FDM technology is available and works with production grade materials, including high performance thermoplastics.


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Now that Stratasys and Objet have merged, there is one Platinum Partner who can help you with all of your 3D printing needs.

OPS is now SYS Systems.

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