Oriental Resources Development Limited - ORD


Oriental Resources Development Limited has two business unit, recycling and biomedical business unit which are responsible separately for the development of recycling industries and health care products.

These two business units work together to develop environmental resources management and health care related industries, hoping to become high value affiliated company of Far Eastern Group.

The biomedical business unit of Oriental Resources Development Limited cooperates with FEG R&D center to develop health care products.

The biomedical business unit with standard GMP factory is charge of production and sales.

Initial concept of product development is to reduce patient pain and healing time during treatment and economic burden, and reduce the consumption of medical supplies and duration of treatment to ease the workload of medical staff; as a result, the biomedical business unit has self-expectations moving towards the goal of "comprehensive wound care" to improve quality of care and to reduce the burden on patients.


2F., No.30, Hexing Rd
Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 303
Taiwan, Province of China

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