OrtoWay AB


The Company was established in October 2006 by a group of five experts in biomaterials, spinal surgery and Med-Tech. The development work during these years included animal, cadaver and live patients, leading to the unique instrument OrtoWell Distractor. . This product is a hydraulic system for anterior surgeries and implantations of spinal prosthesis in the lumbar region. . The system is used for separation of vertebrae during anterior surgeries including disc prosthesis, ALIF cages and spinal tumor surgeries. . The product is CE Marked, patented in the EU, North America and Australia. . It has also regulatory clearance for sale in the USA. . The Company is represented by OrtoWay LLC, based in Pennsylvania, USA. .


Skirnervagen 16
c/o SpinMed AB
Danderyd, Djursholm SE 182 67

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