Osseus Fusion Systems, LLC.


Our founders have over 30 years combined experience founding companies, directing product development and forging sales direction in the medical device sector. . Throughout their careers, they have built several medical device companies from the ground-up and positioned them for multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions by growth through grassroots sales strategies. . With the support and creativity of surgeon relationships fostered since the early 1990’s, our company is the culmination of years of planning for the launch of a medical device firm focused on unique, novel and new technology products. . The company’s inaugural product, the Black Diamond Pedicle Screw System, launched in mid-2014 and we are currently in FDA testing with our second system, the White Pearl Preferred Angle ACP. . This system’s alpha launch is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2016. . Development projects are currently underway for three new systems, including a new technology cooperative development venture with the mechanical engineering program at Brigham Young University. . Expectations are that the company will have four FDA approved and launched products by the fourth quarter of 2016.


2703 W Mockingbird Ln, Suite 102
Dallas, Texas 75205
United States

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