Osteonic Co., Ltd.


Osteonic proudly meets these high demands set by the industry, thanks to its cutting-edge development and manufacturing power coming from its key personnel with in-depth knowledge and experiences of more than two decades in bone fixation product.

With this innovative product, we have been able to fulfill to meet our valued customers' demands, ensuring maximum quality and functionality level of the products we have to offer.

We stand by our manufacturing policy "Optimized yet fully equipped"  in consideration of user-oriented  philosophy.

Reflecting our experiences with  bone fixation products, we acknowledge that either too complicated kits or  too simple kits have always been problems in the OR(Operating Room) or CSSD(Central Sterile Supply Department).

Our system is comprised of three individual systems in Oprimus CMF system;  Optimus Neuro, Optimus Maxillofacial and Optimus Mandible, and four individual system in Quantum Orthopedic system; Quantum Hand, Quantum Distal Radius, Quantum Foot, and Quantum Cannulated Compression Screw.

These systems can be efficiently combined each other to meet the needs of physicians upon practices or those of university hospitals.


1206Ho & 505-3Ho, 38, Digital-ro 29-gil,
Guro-gu, Seoul - Special City
Korea South

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