OTIS Biotech Inc., Ltd.


Who we are… . Our founder Dr.Kim, is a Medical Doctor and holds a PhD in Orthopedics, and has over 30 years of experience doing orthopedic surgeries. . In the mid 1990’s, Dr.Kim was appointed by the Korean government as the leader researcher for a project in Biomechanics, leading to the development of Joint Implants. . During this experience and with his everyday experience as an orthopedic surgeon, he rapidly realized that the orthopedic products could be better and he was unhappy with the orthopedic products available in the market. . So in the year 2000, with his vast experience in biomechanics and as a surgeon, he decided to start his own company …and make better products. . Here we are 15 years later, with many exclusive patents in our portfolio, and many clients around the world, and thousand of patients using our products. .


22, Gongdan 1-daero 79beon-gil
Manufacturing Plant
Siheun-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korea South

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