Pakistan Society for Surgery of the Hand PSSH


Using our hands appears simple to us since we are used to working with them since birth. the complexity only becomes apparent when we loose some part of the function due to injury, infection or a tumor! Likewise, problems of the hand are sometimes mistreated because of their apparent simplicity.

It takes training, experience, dedication and a lot of effort from the patient and the treating surgeon to bring the hand back to normal functioning even after an apparently trivial injury The Pakistan Society for Surgery of the Hand (PSSH) was founded in Lahore in 1992 by Prof Tahseen Cheema, Prof Tariq Sohail , Prof Abdul Hakim Babar, Prof Salim Malik and Dr Muhammad Umar. Prof Tahseen Cheema was the founding President

The members of the society come from different surgical fields like plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery and general surgery but have a common interest in treating problems of the hand.


1st Floor, Fitco Center, 35C Block 2
Karachi City, Sindh Province 748000

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