Parametrics Medical, LLC.


Our mission is to provide for all your allograft needs regardless of processing or preservation technique.

We have accomplished the most robust allograft offering through several industry partnerships like the one with the Center for Tissue Innovation and Research.

We are strategically aligned with the top processors in the country who process our allografts with a variety of techniques to include Electron Beam (Coll-e-Strong), Low Dose Gamma Irradiation (Lo-Rad), Aseptic Non-Irradiated (No-Rad) and Fresh/Cryopreserved for Osteochondral Transfers.

Our tissue banking partners only accept tissue from 100% US donors, and all donors go through rigorous screening and testing.

Our distribution center is based in Austin, TX.


1930 Rawhide Drive, Suite 410
Round Rock, Texas 78681
United States

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