Peter Lazic GmbH


Peter Lazic, family owned and operated, is one of the TOP-3 manufacturers of aneurysm clip systems worldwide.

Key factors in the sustainable and healthy growth of our company are: satisfied customers, strong personal commitment, creative minds, team spirit and the continuity of a family-owned company.

At our facility in Tuttlingen, world center of medical technology, research and production are consolidated.

The particular success of our OEM-customers and also the success of our own company are due to our long-term employees and their practical skills, know-how and wealth of experience.

Surgical instruments by Peter Lazic are distinguished by their exceptionally high quality.

Products made of Peek, Titanium and Stainless steel are prefabricated in the company headquarters in Tuttlingen using state-of-the-art CNC-technology and are subsequently finished using precision craftsmanship under the microscope. 

Throughout all stages of manufacturing strict quality controls are followed guaranteeing a consistent high quality product.

Peter Lazic uses all the latest manufacturing technology.


Immelmannweg 2
Tuttligen City, Tuttlingen 78532

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