Plus Orthopedics - see SnN


Plus Orthopedics Founded in 1991 Based in Switzerland Original business in cementless hips Among the top players in hips in Germany, the world’s 3rd largest orthopaedics market Strong player in knees in Germany Manufacturing in Switzerland and China Acquisition highlights: Purchase price of $889m, including debt Revenues of $300m in 2006 growth of 16% over 2005 Profit before interest and tax of $36m in 2006 growth of 33% over 2005 . Smith & Nephew claw back money from Plus Orthopedics buyout Jan 23, 2009 .......................................... Medical equipment maker Smith & Nephew after buyout of Plus Orthopedics in 2007 finding said we have found unacceptable sales problems at the Swiss group. . The company will get back $141m, cutting the purchase price from the $889m and in exchange will release the vendors from substantially all of their warranties. . $ 748 after 2009 Adjustment

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