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The origins of Polish orthopedics until 1913

Contemporary orthopedics has been created over the centuries by many physicians who have dedicated their whole life to the disease of the motion sickness. Recall some of them.

Jozef Ostrite (1510-1568)

He was born in Poznań. He was educated at the Poznan Lubiarski Academy, then in Cracow and Padua. His work on fractures and skeletal deformities was the first documented source of interest in traumatology and orthopedics of the then-doctors. These were mainly translations from Greek into Latin, taking Galen's extensive comments for the work of Hippocrates. News Strutia vel Strutius was used by him in medical practice and involved, among others, methods of treatment of crutches and inflammation of the spine. This is confirmed later by Ireneusz Wierzejewski, who writes that Ostris must of course have adapted in practice to the principles recognized by Galen.


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