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History of Polish hand surgery begins with the 60s of the twentieth century. It is inextricably linked with the name of Professor Jerome Strzyżewski.

The beginnings of hand surgery in the fifties is a timid attempts of some orthopedic surgeons and mainly concerning damage to tendons, nerves, and certain disorders of the upper limb.

However, the actual development begins with the departure of the then Assistant Professor Orthopedic Clinic in Poznan Jerome Strzyżewski to Great Britain, where he received training in the best centers of Parkes, Pulvertaftem or stack.

After returning from England Professor Strzyżewski organized the country's first Clinic Hand Surgery which he led.

By understanding the problem of injuries of hands by Professor Victor Dege and Alfonso Sengera, professor Strzyżewski obtained the  bed of hand surgery  that is, to all branches of the Department of Orthopedics we were separated beds for patients with injuries of the hands, which led Professor Strzyżewski.

Thus arose the foundations of the Poznan school hand surgery.

At this time also in other centers of the country began to work on hand surgery.

In Szczecin acted prof. Boleslaw Nagaya within the Department of Surgery and Hand Surgery, Wroclaw prof. Henry Kus at the Department of Traumatology and Hand Surgery.

An important role in hand surgery also played prof. Richard Kocięba who, as head of the Centre for replantation of limbs in Trzebnica made the first successful replantation of hand in our country, and his successor doc. J.Jabłecki first transplant.

An extremely important event for the future development of hand surgery was a meeting that took place in 1965 in Poznan, organized by prof. Strzyżewski - a meeting of representatives of the Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Association of Polish Surgeons and Plastic Surgery.


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