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On September 23, 1967, with the constitution of an Organizing Committee of the Portuguese Society of Hand Surgery, the first step was to form a scientific entity to facilitate the dissemination among its members of knowledge regarding diagnosis and Treatment of diseases and traumatic injuries of the hand.

As founding members, the following doctors were counted:

Prof. Dr A. Baptista Fernandes, Plastic Surgeon, Lisbon
Prof. Dr António Gentil Martins, pediatric surgeon, from Lisbon
Dr. A. Guimarães e Sousa, plastic surgeon, Porto
Dr Carlos Elias da Costa, Plastic Surgeon, Lisbon
Dr Elias Damião Pires, plastic surgeon, from Lisbon
Prof. Dr. Fernando Paredes, plastic surgeon, from Lisbon
Dr. Fernando Prata de Lima, Plastic Surgeon, Porto
Dr João Manuel Monteiro Sacadura, Plastic Surgeon, Lisbon
Prof. Dr. Joaquim Paiva Chaves, orthopedist, from Lisbon
Prof. Dr José de Oliveira, orthopedist, from Porto
Dr Manuel Serra e Costa, orthopedist, from Lisbon

The Portuguese Society of Hand Surgery was to become a Section of the Society of Medical Sciences of Lisbon and its creation and acceptance in that capacity was made official at the session of March 12, 1968. The annual quota was set at 120 $ 00 .

On April 29, 1968, about a month after the founding of the Society, the first Board of Directors was elected, with Dr. Manuel Serra e Costa as its Chairman, as Prof. Dr José de Oliveira and as Assistant Secretary Prof. Dr Fernando Paredes. At the inaugural session, held on February 28, 1969, Prof. Dr. Fernando Paredes presented what would be the first communication of the Society, under the themes  Impressions on the Meeting of the American Society of Hand Surgery  and  Present State of the Work of the International Federation of Societies of Hand Surgery.

The Portuguese Society of Hand Surgery has since become an affiliate of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand, an organization that encompasses 41 other similar societies from all over the world.


Avenida da República, 34, 1º
Lisbon City, Lisbon Metropolitan Area 1050-193

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