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The neoprene sleeve is the brain-child of G.E. "Moose" Detty, a Certified Athletic Trainer and a physical therapist.

It was while Mr. Detty was the head athletic trainer of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles that he perfected the neoprene sleeve, designing many products for his Eagles players, that are still in use today.

Noted for their advanced designs and construction techniques, you can find PRO products at all levels of competition.

From little league to the Olympics and all types and levels of school and professional sports. Today, PRO neoprene supports can be found in use in thirty-four countries around the world.

Use is no longer limited to athletics. With today's active population, health care practitioners of all types use PRO products on their patients.

From simple strains to post-operative therapy, orthopedic surgeons to the family practice specialist, the physical therapist to the chiropractor, PRO products are an active part of their injury treatment regiment.


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United States

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