Pro Urba Museum in Orbe - Musee d'Orbe


At the beginning of the 20th century, a group of Urbigènes passionate about the history of their city founded the Association du Vieil Orbe . Since its inception, this association has worked to defend and enhance the historical heritage of Orbe and its region.


Two main axes guided their work: the enhancement of the Roman mosaics of the Boscéaz site, known since 1848, and the sensitization of the urban public to the history of its city, through the operation of a museum and several publications.


In 1995 it was decided to reorganize the Old Orb Association. It was therefore split into two entities, which still pursue the goals of their founders.


The function of the Pro Urba Foundation is to operate the Mosaics site on a daily basis. It carries out development, fundraising and promotion work for the site in partnership with the municipality of Orbe and the State of Vaud. The Foundation Board is chaired by Mr. Yves Dubois. The Foundation also runs the Orbe Museum and is responsible for safeguarding the collections.




Rue Centrale 23
Musée d'Orbe
Orbe, Vaud 1350

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