Romanian Arthroplasty Register - RAR - RNE - Registrului National de Endoprotezare


Romanian Arthroplasty Register was founded through the Ministrys of Health (National Public Health Program) called  Prevention in Orthopaedy and Traumatology.

All the orthopaedic clinics/departments must report their arthroplasty activity to the Romanian Arthroplasty Register (hip, knee and spine), according to the Ordinance 1591/1110/2010, art 24,. . The main purpose of the Register is to function as a surveillance tool in an early warning system of the deficient implants.

Also, it is presented as individual databases for each orthopaedy clinic, where they can see all their forms and compare the data with the national situations.

The Register is functioning on non-concurential principles, meaning that the data for each hospital is not available to another hospital, and that the patients data is classified.

Today, there are recorded personal forms for about 100.000 patients with primary and revision hip endoprosthesis.


Bdul Ferdinand 35-37
Sector 2,
Bucharest City, Bucuresti County

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