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We celebrated 100 years of existence since the founding of the Romanian Society of Surgery on 11 February 1898 by Prof. Th. Ionescu, one of the most prominent representatives of Romanian surgery at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, who opened the gates of modern surgery in our country. Born as an objective requirement of a national state that had acquired its independence and sovereignty, the Romanian Society of Surgery (SRC) became a great vocational, moral and scientific training school for Romanian surgeons and managed to maintain the same line with all the vicissitudes of the weather. The purpose of setting up the SRC was to teach Romanian surgeons with modern, scientific, scientific, and scientific language and style to raise and assert Romanian surgery as science, art and profession and bring it closer to the similar institutions of the West. At this great national school, every surgeon learned that his accomplishment had no limits, he saw in his example the man he would want to follow and understood that only the respect of reality and scientific truth is the key to his activity which gives her sovereign right over the patients life. The personality of the founder who did not reserve anything for personal glory had a decisive influence on the destiny of the Society, gradually succeeding in imposing, in front of foreigners, the word of Romanian surgeons. To this also contributed the magazine Surgery, founded by Prof. Th. Ionescu, a year before (March 1897). Throughout its existence, new techniques have been promoted within the company, methods of investigation and therapeutic attitudes in all surgical specialties. Through HRC relationships with other profile companies from abroad, it was possible to provide information and exchanges of ideas that allowed both the development of surgery and surgical specialties, which in the course of time became independent societies. Apart from two periods - 1910 - 1914 and 1925 - 1921 - when, due to the Balkan wars and the First World War, society ceased its activity, it worked for the rest of the time, succeeding in gathering around it a large number of elites surgical, formed at the boarding school and secondary school, which have been remarked in all periods through the activity presented in the company sessions and in the magazine. SRC perennial, apart from the 2 periods, has been maintained by the permanent propagation of the new by presenting new surgical techniques - some known as Romanian priorities, by the academic attitude and scientific probity of the presented works, by the purported discussions which often were true to the scientific plea, by the objective critical spirit without controversy and by clarifying unsafe or unfounded ideas that took place at the 18 national congresses, the numerous conferences, symposia, meetings and periodical meetings of the county branches in the tens of thousands of pages of the 92 volumes of the journal Chirurgia. Today, when we face a series of difficulties of transition and reform, when the possibilities of technical endowment are lower, but when the scientific explosion reached the heights, it is necessary


Str.Ion Campineanu 33, bl.3, sc.1, ap.7, et.2
sector 1
Bucharest City, Bucuresti County

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