RSB Spine, LLC.


Company History: . RSB Spine, LLC, was formed in 2001 as R&B Surgical Solutions by John A. Redmond and Robert S. Bray, JR, M.D. to develop and market spinal implant concepts from Dr. Bray and other innovative spine surgeons. . The Company, headquartered in Cleveland, OH, initially developed a line of surgical instruments similar to Redmond's previous company, Redmond Neurotechnologies Corp, which was acquired by Neurocare in 1997. . Integra Life Sciences subsequently purchased Neurocare and sells the Redmond line through its Jarit division. . RSB Spine's products are exclusively distributed by Paradigm BioDevices in the United States. .


2530 Superior Avenue, Suite 703
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
United States

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