ScanMed - Resonance Innovations, LLC.


At ScanMed, we believe the image is everything.

We are committed to constantly improving all of our MRI coils to ensure that physicians, surgeons, radiologists, MRI technicians, and medical researchers are given the most precise, accurate, and high quality images they need to make life-saving decisions.

Innovation, quality, and industry leadership are the pillars of ScanMed's company mission.

As the industry leader for pioneering new innovations in MRI coil technology, all of our products bring more coverage and wide-spread clinical application with higher SNR.

We know that when it comes to MRI, the quality and integrity of an image can have life-chasing implications, so we are committed to ensuring that all of our coils offer "More Signal, Less Noise"


9840 S. 140th St, Suite 8
Omaha, Nebraska 68138
United States

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