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Sentio MMG® is a surgical access tool. It is intended to locate and map motor nerve roots and their peripheral extensions originating from spinal levels C3-T1 and L2-S2. . Sentio MMG® smart-sensors are different from all other forms of neuromonitoring electrodes. . In contrast to electromyography, or EMG, which relies on needles to detect subtle changes in electrical signals in muscle, Sentio MMG® smart-sensors employ proprietary accelerometer technology. . These non-invasive accelerometer-based sensors measure MMG (mechanomyography) activity, or the mechanical “twitch” associated with muscle contraction. . When MMG activity is detected, the surgeon is provided with a ‘STOP’ alert indicating a nerve has been identified. . The result is an intuitive, surgeon-directed tool for establishing safe access in a variety of surgical applications. .


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