SetPoint Medical


SetPoint Medical is dedicated to treating patients with debilitating inflammatory diseases, such as Crohn’s Disease and rheumatoid arthritis, using proprietary implantable bioelectronic devices.

Early clinical data suggests SetPoint’s bioelectronic therapy is well tolerated and can treat patients that fail to respond to biologics or have become refractory to biologics.

Bioelectronic medicine uses small implanted devices to deliver targeted electrical pulses along existing physiologic pathways to trigger the body’s biological responses, creating a systemic disease-fighting effect. It is designed to provide ‘built-in’ therapy at a lower cost and is intended to improve safety compared with drugs or biologic solutions.

The company successfully completed a trial in rheumatoid arthritis which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2016 and is currently conducting human trials in Crohn’s disease in multiple European centers.

SetPoint intends to develop bioelectronic medicine therapy as a breakthrough approach to treating autoimmune inflammatory diseases.


25101 Rye Canyon Loop
Santa Clarita, California 91355
United States

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