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Univ. Prof. Dr. Herbert Resch

Founder and head of the Shoulder-Team of the Department of Trauma Surgery Innsbruck 1985 – 1993


Surgical methods for shoulder instability

Modified procedure in accordance with Bankart ("drill hole method"):

Drill holes are placed over the sulcus on the anterior edge of the glenoid rim, protecting the articular cartilage. The unstable joint capsule is re-estabilised by sewing through these drill holes towards the glenoid rim.


Anatomical reconstruction of the anterior glenoid defect with an intraarticulary implanted J-shaped cortico-cancellous bone graft from the iliac crest.

Arthroscopic extraarticular Bankart operation:

Using an antero-inferior transmuscular arthroscopic portal, the detatched capsule is reattached to the anterior glenoid rim using resorbable pins. . . 



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