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Shukla Medical had its start when Dr. Robert Winquist approached several of the large orthopedic companies with interest in developing a truly universal IM (intramedullary) nail removal system.

Most of the companies were willing to develop the system, but were not willing to share information about their IM nails with their competitors.

Dr. Winquist finally got all the parties to agree to supply the information to a non-competitive entity. . That entity was Snap-On, and subsequently Snap-On developed a medical division.

In 1998 Snap-On decided to get out of the medical business and concentrate on it core competency, automotive tools.

Snap-on then turned to one of its suppliers, S. S. White Technologies to see if they were interested in purchasing the medical division. S. S. White had been working for many years as an OEM manufacture for the medical industry (S. S. White was founded in 1847 by Dr. Samuel White with the creation of flexible shafts for dental applications) and anticipating the future potential of the medical marketplace, they quickly agreed to the purchase.

Over the next 8 years S.S. White’s medical division developed six more hardware removal systems and started development general orthopedic instrument systems.

In 2007 the medical division of S. S. White changed its name, and Shukla Medical was ‘born’. . Today, Shukla Medical offers a full range of products focusing on systems used to address common problems experienced by Orthopedic and Spine Surgeons in the O.R.


151 Old New Brunswick Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
United States

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