SIGN Fracture Care International


We build orthopaedic capacity in developing countries by collaborating with the local surgeons to develop training and implants that support their efforts to provide effective orthopaedic surgery to the poor.

We design and manufacture surgical implants and instruments that we donate, or provide on a cost reimbursement basis, to under-resourced hospitals for the surgeons’ use.

We coordinate orthopaedic training of the surgeons in the use of our equipment and other orthopaedic procedures.

With our help, surgeons can treat more patients and hasten healing so patients can return to work and resume care and feeding of their families.

We partner with surgeons and hospitals in more than 50 countries to bring the miracle of orthopaedic healing to the poor.

We prevent disabilities and restore lives in school children, farmers, shop keepers, teachers, and survivors of disasters and conflicts.


451 Hills Street, Suite B
Richland, Washington 99354
United States

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