Society for Progress and Innovation in the Near East SPINE-International Musculoskeletal Society IMS


Founded in 2008, the International Musculoskeletal Society (I.M.S.) is a 501(3)c registered  non-profit organization committed to the advancement of health care standards throughout the Middle East.

Formerly known as The Society for Progress & Innovation for the Near East (S.P.I.N.E.), I.M.S. has broadened its focus to incorporate all musculoskeletal disorders including General Orthopedics, Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spine Surgery, Trauma, Pediatrics, Sports-related injury, and much more.

I.M.S.’ mission is to improve patient care for people with pain and disability caused by orthopaedic, spinal and neurological disorders by promoting the most advanced medical techniques and technologies.

The Society is comprised of an association of internationally recognized spine and orthopaedic surgeons and mobilizes a powerful network of faculty committed to this mission.

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