Sonowand AS


Sonowand AS has developed, manufactured and sold the SonoWand Invite 3D ultrasound and neuro-navigation system.

The SonoWand Invite™ is an intraoperative imaging system combining preoperative CT/MR with intraoperative 3D Ultrasound images, 3D Power Doppler and classic neuronavigation.

The system enables the surgeon to navigate precisely in the brain using 3D ultrasound images acquired during the surgery.

Brain shift can easily be detected and any sensitive or critical areas avoided during the surgery.

The system is excellent to visualize blood flow and blood vessels both in 2D and 3D and to see remaining tumor (resection control) towards the end of the surgery.


Lade allé 65c
Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag 7041

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