Spanish Arthroscopy Association SAA - AEA Asociación Española de Artroscopia


In 1982 the Spanish Arthroscopy Association, formed by orthopedic surgeons interested in the development of this technique is based.

The aims of the Association research, study and dissemination of diagnostic and surgical arthroscopic techniques, promoting their development in all its breadth and its subsidiary disciplines.

The AEA is the principal promoter of basic and advanced training continued arthroscopy in Spain by AEA Training Courses in Anatomy and Arthroscopic Surgery. Annual National Congress of the Association to share knowledge and exchange views and the magazine Journal of Arthroscopy is published is held.

The AEA also has a website where continuous training in addition to updated information on the holding of courses, conferences, board decisions, prizes, scholarships offered, etc.


c/ José Abascal, 44 – 1º
Madrid City, Madrid 28003

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