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The interest in knowing the interior of human organs is inherent with the development of Medicine and, at the beginning of the 19th century, the possibility of observing the interior of organic cavities using optical equipment that could be inserted through the anatomical orifices was pointed out. and that communicate the interior of the human organism with the exterior. After the improvement of the different endoscopic methods (cystoscopy, peritoneoscopy, esophagoscopy, rectoscopy, etc.) the possibility arose to study the inside of the joints, especially the knee , which is the largest and most accessible.


While arthroscopy was born in Japan in 1916 , in Europe and during the years 1919-1920, the Swiss surgeon Bircher verified an experimental endoscopic study on the knees of human cadavers using the Jacobeaus Laparoscope.


The first publications to echo this technique was the English Illinois Medical Journal in 1925 , in a study signed by Dr. Kreuscher. In 1934, Burman, Finkelstein and Mayer published a work on "Arthroscopy of the knee", where they explained the technique they followed to perform an arthroscopy and obtain a biopsy piece.


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