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Group of Specialists in Sports Medicine (GEMEDE)

History of GEMEDE

On December 15, 2000, it was agreed to found a Group of Sports Medicine Specialists, within the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (Federation of Associations).

This group is exclusively composed of physicians specialized in Physical Education and Sports Medicine belonging to the FEMEDE, whose purpose is to promote the study and development of Sports Medicine, hold scientific meetings for the discussion and study of topics Related to the specialty, inform and advise the organs of the State Administration, Autonomous Entities, local or provincial entities of all that is related to the specialty collaborate with the academic and health authorities of all those aspects that have relation with the specialty, Collaborate with the international Associations of the specialty and with nationals of other countries, especially those of Spanish speaking, promoting prizes and scholarships, according to their availabilities.

The request for the creation of GEMEDE was signed by the specialists in Medicine of Physical Education and Sport: Maite Aragonés, Juan Arenas, Miguel del Valle, Delfin Galiano, J.J. González, Pedro Lanau, Antonio Maestro, Juan F. Marcos, Eduardo Mauri, José M Neira, Carlos Pons and Carlos Ruiz.

The first Statutes that were submitted were returned by the Ministry of the Interior on May 11, 2001, indicating a series of observations that should be studied and corrected.

On August 1, 2001, the Draft Statutes were forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior, which on September 11, 2001 and with the national number 168368 of Section 1 ', gave them the approval.

At the European Congress of Sports Medicine held in Oviedo in November last year, a meeting of specialists in Medicine of Physical Education and Sport of FEMEDE took place. Recognition by the Ministry of the Interior.


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