Spine Solutions, Inc.


Spine Solutions, Inc., worksite strategies and physical therapy, is on the cutting edge providing on-site injury prevention programs and physical therapy services.

Spine Solutions, Inc- worksite strategies has substantially decreased work related injuries as well as workers compensation direct and indirect costs.

Our outcomes are a result of working directly with the employees to change awkward postures, mechanics and ergonomics.

We help target safe work behavior, intervention for pre-injury and strength/flexibility imbalances.

Spine Solutions, Inc also has a high Return to Work success rate for injured employees.

This has a positive impact on the worker, the family and our community.

Our programs include a work transition system that utilizes real work tasks to train the injured worker through limited duty to their pre-injury physical status.

Then our custom work conditioning program targets strength and endurance for both musculoskeletal and aerobic components to return the worker to a physically demanding job safely.


2538 Camino Entrada, Suite 300
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
United States

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