SpineSource, Inc.


Founded in 2004, SpineSource is a proven market leader when it comes to introducing expandable devices to the U.S. spinal implant market.

These innovations have proven to benefit caregivers and patients because they provide atraumatic techniques to optimize placement of the device and increase the chances for a positive clinical outcome.

SpineSource commercialized the Ulrich Medical® VBR in 2004-05 and the Expandable WAVE® Cage and steerable LOOP® TLIF Cage in 2008-12.

All of these devices created a new category of care for patients stricken with spinal tumors, trauma and degenerative spinal pathologies.

Today, SpineSource heads “back to the future” with an expandable titanium lumbar interbody called L-Varlock™.

The L-Varlock™ is an expandable fusion cage, manufactured from titanium alloy that can help restore vertebral disc height and sagittal balance to the lumbar spine.

The Mission of SpineSource is to provide implant devices, service and expertise using the highest ethical standards to benefit hospitals and surgeons, assisting them to promote the healing and well-being of patients with spinal disorders.


17826 Edison Avenue
Chesterfield, Missouri 63005
United States

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