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Sports Medicine Australia was founded in 1963 and has a broad membership of sports medicine and health professionals, sports trainers, sporting clubs and community members. Sports Medicine Australia members can be found at every level of physical activity and sport from elite competition to grass-roots participation. The healthy and safe participation of Australians in physical activity and sport to prevent obesity and lifestyle diseases is the primary concern for all involved with Sports Medicine Australia. Sports Medicine Australia can provide expert information, advice and commentary on a diverse range of sport, activity and health issues. Sports Medicine Australia publishes a large range of informative books, pamphlets and fact sheets for community and professionals. Sports Medicine Australia ensures members are able to share the latest developments and research through the publication of Sport Health, the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, The Bulletin, Sports Trainers Digest, and various occasional publications. A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to health, sports medicine and science is facilitated through the national and state conferences, allowing inter-professional exchange and communication to develop to a level previously unknown in Australia. All this helps ensure Australia remains a world-leader in research in the sports sciences and sports medicine fields.


375 Albert Road
Sports House
Albert Park, Victoria 3206

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