Steminent Biotherapeutics, Inc.


Steminent Biotherapeutics Inc. (“Steminent”) is a leading stem cell research and development company with offices in Taipei, Shanghai and San Diego which is dedicated to the development of novel cellular therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with unmet or under-served medical needs.

Steminent utilizes advanced, proprietary processes and know how to isolate, purify, and amplify standardized stem cell products of the highest quality for research and clinical development in multiple indications.


Our Value Propositions:

Steminent is a cell therapy research, manufacturing and development company which seeks to translate our technology platform into numerous cellular therapeutic candidates for clinical development and to optimize the commercialization potential of these cell therapy product candidates through global partnering initiatives to build substantial value for our shareholders.


2358, 5 Corporate Avenue, 150 Hubin Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai Municipality 200021

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