Sudanese Orthopaedic Surgeons Association SOSA


Sudanese Orthopaedic Surgeon Association have clear visions seeks to achieve:

  • 1- Encouraging and supporting scientific research and publishing in the fields of Orthopaedic surgery and bone diseases.
  • 2- Publishing studies and periodical magazines related to their fields and interests
  • 3 - Holding conferences, seminars and courses to highlight the scientific progress in the field of orthopedic surgery.
  • 4 - Provide scientific consultations in the Field of orthopedic surgery for those who need it
  • 5 - Spreading public awareness in the areas of orthopedic surgery through the different types of media and social communication.
  • 6 - Cooperation with government agencies and their institutions as well as the private sector and scientific societies to raise awareness of the prevention of accidents and bone diseases and cooperation with similar associations regionally and internationally.
  • 7. Participation in medical rehabilitation programs
  • 8. Development and upgrade the level of the members of the association by sending them to hospitals inside and outside the country and facilitating their attendance in conferences related to orthopedic surgery.