Surgical Theater, LLC.


In 2010, Moty Avisar and Alon Geri had an idea. What if surgeons could train like fighter pilots previewing their surgical procedure, much like a fighter pilot can pre-fly their mission?

Surgeons would be able to increase their situational awareness from every angle and every approach as they planned a procedure.

What if surgical residents could also have a place to refine and practice their skills in this system of surgical simulators?

And, what if these simulators could help patients be engaged in their care plan like never before?

Now, only a few years later, neurosurgeons at major medical centers and academic institutions across the U.S. and around the world are utilizing Surgical Theater’s transformative enterprise-wide virtual reality medical visualization platform and Precision VR™ long before a patient is prepped for surgery.

This first-of-its-kind immersive environment allows for unparalleled patient education and engagement, while also delivering next-generation surgical planning and navigation capabilities.

Surgical Theater’s enterprise-wide visualization platform is advancing neurosurgery at some of the top academic hospitals, including UCLA, New York University, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, and now, Stanford University.


781 Beta Drive
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143
United States

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