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Surgimap®, a Nemaris Inc.™ innovation, was developed by a group of spine surgeons, researchers, and engineers to function as a standalone, freeware application. . Our goal is to improve physician workflow, patient care, and health care efficiency by providing image analysis and case planning tools on a secure, integrated sharing platform.

As the medical community became increasingly more comfortable with digital imaging, Nemaris noticed a demand for a user-friendly, highly efficient image viewing platform.

In response to this market demand, the Surgimap team developed software that functions as a universal image viewer and a portable, encrypted database that includes digital measuring tools, case simulation, and clinical collaboration functionality.

All on a HIPAA-compliant network that can be synced and shared from your favorite device.

Whether it be on your iPhone, iPad, or personal laptop, Surgimap made it possible to access your images, cases, and upcoming OR schedule from just about anywhere.


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