Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register - SHAR


The Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register is a National Quality Register.

Since 1979 it has registered primary total hip arthroplasties performed in Sweden.

One important component of the Register is that all re-operations are also registered, which makes it possible to analyse complications in the continual work of improvement.

Individual patients’ data such as age, sex, diagnosis, surgical technique and type of implant used are registered, and since 2002 patient-reported outcome such as pain relief, satisfaction and gain in health-related quality of life have been included.

Since 2005 hemi-arthroplasties have also been registered.

These are inserted mainly in patients who have sustained a femoral neck fracture. .


Medicinargatan 18G
Svenska Höftprotesregisteret
Gothenburg, Västra Götland 413 90

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