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About the Swedish Orthopaedic Association


For physicians with a special interest in orthopaedics

The Swedish Orthopaedic Association (Svensk Ortopedisk Förening) is an association of physicians with a special interest in orthopaedics. The association is the Swedish Society of Medicine’s section for orthopaedics, and the Swedish Physician’s Association specialist organization for orthopaedics. The Association’s four main areas of interest are scientific research, education, labor union issues, and international cooperation. The Association’s annual meeting takes place during Orthopaedics week, which is the Association’s largest and most important activity.

Orthopaedics week
Symposiums and scientific presentations are arranged in connection with the Associations annual meeting. The meetings program has become more and more extensive throughout the years. The name of the annual meeting was changed to Orthopaedics week in 2008. Responsibility for arranging the meetings has been passed around to the various orthopaedic clinics within the country. Varying local conditions form the prerequisites to provide each meeting with a unique  touch.

Science and scientific research

The Association’s foremost ambition is to promote and develop Swedish orthopaedics. During Orthopaedics week science and scientific research is presented and opportunities for the exchange of knowledge are provided. The SOA is also involved in advancing orthopedic topics at the Swedish Physicians’ Annual Conference. The Associations members’ newsletter, Ortopediskt Magasin, is an important forum for the enhancement of knowledge and the spreading of information. Furthermore, the SOA is involved in a number of activities such as the Swedish national Orthopaedic quality register. 

The Association is also responSible for formulating the goals of specialist training  and has published a handbook specifying the knowledge goals of the described objectives. SOA participates and works actively with quality control within medical specialist training through SPUR (the Swedish medical specialist training’s quality control organisation). Every year SOA organizes The Orthopaedic Examination, which is a specialist examination consisting of both a written and oral/practical part.

Labour union involvement
The members professional and economical interests are looked after through representation in the Physician Association’s general council and continual board work on labour union issues. A separate union secretary maintains a seat on the board.

International cooperation

The Association has extensive international cooperation through forceful representation in several international organisations such as the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation (NOF), European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT), and the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).


Increased specialization and special areas of interest within orthopaedics have resulted in the formation of a number of sub-orginations within the SOA. The sub-organizations participate actively during Orthopaedics week arranging symposiums and meetings.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions or would like to provide us with feedback on SOAs activities, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected] where your message will be forwarded to the appropriate board member.


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