Swiss Arthroplasty Register SAR - SIRIS


With the SIRIS implant register, a significant source of information has been established throughout the country that generates quality data for orthopedics.

The resulting findings provide important foundations for the quality development of clinics, the medical profession and industry.

Due to the incorporation of the registry into the ANQ measurement plan, Swiss hospitals and clinics have been obliged since 2012 to record orthopedic procedures on the hip and knee uniformly. This guarantees a high coverage.

Since the start of the implant registry, approximately 130,000 hip and knee prostheses (primary and revision surgery) have been documented.

Of this, a good 38,000 are attributable to the year 2015, which corresponds roughly to the recorded cases of the previous year.

Changes from 2014 to 2015 are shown within knee interventions: the first implants of a total joint replacement decreased, while they increased during knee replacement and knee vision.

Osteoarthritis is the most frequent diagnosis for all detection years, requiring first-time implantation of a hip or knee prosthesis


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