Swiss Foot and Ankle Society SFAS


The beginnings of the Swiss Society of Surgery and Medicine of the foot. From P. Scholder, Lausanne.

Since 1929 there were in Switzerland, some members of the International Society for Orthopedics, which dealt in detail with the topics discussed at the congresses.

In July 1942 finally they founded the Free Association of Swiss orthopedic surgeon, later Swiss Society for Orthopaedics (SGO).

So would niemend believe that the Swiss Society of Surgery and Medicine of the foot has a similar history, given the prior existence of the International College for Foot Medicine and Surgery (CIP), the Jean Lelièvre founded in 1960th However, that is not the facts and the College would attach to a role that has never played in our country.

What's SFAS ? .

In the Swiss Society of Surgery and Medicine of the foot (SFAS) physicians group with a special interest in problems of the foot.

Heavy represented are orthopedic surgeons, along with representatives of other disciplines such angiologists, rheumatologists, general surgeons, among others and members of other academic disciplines such as biomechanics.

The aim of the society is to promote the education and further training in medicine and surgery / orthopedics of the foot as well as the exchange of knowledge in the research and development of new technologies at the national and international levels.



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