Synecor, LLC.


Synecor evolved from the confluence of several synergistic strategic relationships, initially in the field of interventional cardiology, but has expanded its field to include all medical specialties such as obesity, spine therapeutics, and more.

Synecor was founded by Dr. Richard Stack after two decades of collaboration with leading cardiologists, clinician-inventors, and scientists from across the nation and as an outgrowth of close working relationships among corporate leaders in the medical device industry, and experts at Duke University.

Mr. William Starling, a well-known Silicon Valley medical device entrepreneur/executive with a successful 38-year career in the high technology cardiovascular device industry, partnered with Dr. Stack to co-manage Synecor and form strategic relationships with leading venture capital partnerships (Delphi Ventures and Frazier & Company).

To complete the partner team, Dr. Stack and Mr. Starling also partnered with major life sciences corporations with vast resources and knowledge (Guidant and GE Medical Systems).


1414 Raleigh Rd, Suite 415
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517
United States

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