Tecomet, Inc.


Tecomet, Inc. is internationally known for unparalleled product quality and consistently satisfied customers.

Why? .


Our many facilities around the globe boast more than 200 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality contract implants, instruments, cases and more.

When you deal with Tecomet, rest assured that you are dealing with knowledgeable professionals who understand the importance of excellent customer service, innovative design and getting quality products to market quickly.

Drive. We are always finding ways to provide you with better products faster, and we have an entirely unique way of doing it; Total Solutions®. Total Solutions means you can rely on Tecomet for every phase of your product's development, from idea generation to quality assurance testing.

Total Solutions also means that we are team members during the development of your products. . It's a philosophy that ensures an end product that you will be satisfied with - totally.


With more than 100 patents to our name, innovation is our game.

Our many proprietary products reflect our devotion to using technology to find the very best solutions to the problems you face.

More importantly, our strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio makes it easier to get your products to market as fast as possible.


Whether it's orthopedics, medical devices or aerospace products, our philosophy that has helped us extend our reach beyond the healthcare market to other exciting areas, including the aerospace market.

Because at Tecomet, the sky is literally the limit.


115 Eames Street
Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887
United States


Tecomet, Inc. acquires Symmetry Medical OEM / Symmetry Medical, Inc. - NYSE: SMA - Spinal Solutions
Tecomet Inc., a Genstar Capital Portfolio Company

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