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With SpineCor brace treatment in its 20th year of successful treatment we reflect back on the last 20 years with a significant amount of pride and a real sense of achievement in how demand has grown over this time.

Although the first evidence of SpineCor brace treatment success was in 1995, our SpineCor Story really begins in 1990 when orthopaedic surgeon Professor Charles Hilaire Rivard first conceived the idea of developing dynamic treatment for children with scoliosis.

Having secured $12.4 million of funding, Professor Rivard established a team of researchers (65 in total), led by Dr. Coillard who embarked on an extensive program of research within the laboratories of Ste Justine Hospital in 1991.

They researched all aspects of Idiopathic Scoliosis, from its causation and progression to the effectiveness of existing treatments.

In 1994 the final stages of the pre-clinical testing involved designing a brace that addressed all three elements of the condition (neurological system, muscular system and the skeleton) at the same time.

This signified the birth of the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace (DCB) as we know it today.


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