Three Arch Partners


Three Arch Partners was formed in 1993 to provide young companies with access to relevant clinical and business resources, as well as capital.

Three Arch has helped create, build and fund more than 100 important new healthcare companies.

These companies have often become the clinical and market leaders in their respective fields, and have generated strong returns.

The fund focuses on opportunities in medical devices and healthcare services, and less frequently in biotechnology.

Since inception, Three Arch Partners has focused on identifying and creating new healthcare companies in markets with significant unmet clinical or infrastructure needs.

The general partners do not wait for ideas to come to them, but actively create and source technology and management.

As often, the fund assists physicians and inventors in establishing companies.

Our involvement may include securing capital, assembling management, technical, and regulatory teams, and providing interim operational support.


19 South B Street, Suite 14

San Mateo, California 94401
United States

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