Total Hip Arthroplasty Register of French Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology - THARFSOT


The French Register of PTH was born on 1 January 2006.

The register is hosted by SOFCOT and its data are the property of the Scholarly Society and its members.

The French have their PTH registers, just like the Swedes, whose registry is a model often quoted and we envy them for years.

We will have to take an example of the rigor and discipline of our Nordic colleagues who have allowed them to build this beautiful tool, while making it comprehensive!

The French Registry was born thanks to the disinterested work of some of our colleagues in recent years (thanks to them) and thanks to the experience of our Swiss friends at the University of Bern (MEM Research Center for Orthopedic Surgery: Institute for Evaluative Reseach in Orthopedic Surgery) who can provide us with the logistics and with whom the SOFCOT has established a contract.

All French orthopedic surgeons PTH posters, members of the SOFCOT or not, may have access to the register on the SOFCOT website upon request and an access code will be assigned to them.

But to date, are there any serious reasons why a PTH installer is not a member of the SOFCOT, junior, partner or holder? Assuredly none and we invite the last to join us.

The register is very simple to use and you will be guided, from your access to the site, to enter the data of your first patient. In case of difficulties, a watch will be organized at the SOFCOT to solve your possible problems.

Do not be too disappointed if you realize that the Registry is not meant to lead to advanced scientific studies.

This register, although more comprehensive than all other existing national registers, collects only simple data.

It is only a question of knowing the curves of survival of PTH implanted in France.

The goal would be that no implant-related failures are ignored! For scientific studies, your personal or service spreadsheets will continue to be the only data sources.

The SOFCOT is the sole owner of the data in this registry and it alone has the capacity to exploit them for the orthopedic community. Each user may also have access to their own data.

The value of this register will depend essentially on completeness, and all orthopedic surgeons will therefore understand that all prostheses implanted, as well as all prostheses taken over, will have to enter the database, otherwise the effort of the entire profession is likely to To be devalued.

It is therefore long-term work that orthopaedists are invited knowing that it will take several years before conclusions can be drawn.

The challenge is considerable and deserves the involvement of all.


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