TranS1, Inc. - Quandary Medical, LLC.


Surgeon Driven

TranS1 intends to build our company into a vehicle to protect and commercialize surgeon innovations.

TranS1’s CEO, Jeffrey Schell, is a patent attorney and the founder of Denver-based patent law firm Rocky Mountain Patent.

This unique relationship enables the company to obtain and enforce intellectual property at a fraction of the costs that other medical device companies face.



TranS1 develops products to solve spinal pathologies while minimizing trauma to the tissues surrounding the spine. 

Our products build a strong foundation upon the L5-S1 joint to enable patients to enjoy better lives. 

The “start with a strong foundation” philosophy is represented by the excellent biomechanical stability of our product line.


2629 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80211
United States

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