Trinity Guardion, LLC.


Founded in 2010, Trinity Guardion is addressing one of the most serious health crises today—the rise of hospital-associated infections (HAIs).

HAIs lead to more than 720,000 illnesses and 75,000 deaths a year.

In fact, more people die from HAIs each year than from automobile accidents.

Furthermore, HAIs are a huge financial burden, adding $30 billion to annual healthcare costs.

The American-made Trinity Patient Protection System gives hospitals the solution they need to reduce and eliminate HAIs. Launderable, reusable, cost-effective and eco-friendly, the Trinity System’s fluid-proof covers fit around beds, pillows, stretchers and physical therapy tables.

Unlike typical disinfectant agents designed for hard surfaces, the Trinity System keeps bacteria off the porous surface of the mattress, as well as, the bed deck.

When laundered to CDC standards, the Trinity System removes 99.99% of bacteria and has been proven to reduce C. diff infection rates by about 50%.


4 South Park Ave, Suite 204
Batesville, Indiana 47006
United States

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