Veterinary Orthopedic Society VOS


The organization has its roots in Davos, Switzerland, where Dr. George Goudy attended the first veterinary ASIF course in December 1970: The VOS really had its inception [on] the ski slopes of the Alps. The Parsenn run at Davos to be exact. The occasion was the first veterinary AO (ASIF) course. We had a chartered plane from New York which, with our spouses, we filled. When we arrived in Davos most of the American contingent were billeted in two nearby hotels and we soon became a compatible group. This compatibility was later to pave the way for the formation of the VOS. On our last day I had been skiing with the late, great Jacques Jenny. As we were riding up the very slow lift I asked Jacques if there were an American equivalent to the European Veterinary [Orthopedic] Organization. Jacques answered no and then turned to me with the facial expression he achieved when he had found a solution to any problem. With that smile he said, That is what you should do, George. I demurred as I felt that there were many more qualified people who were leaders in the field. Jacques continued his urging and I was relieved when we reached the top of the lift. That was our final run of our final day of that conference and I promptly put Jacques suggestion out of my mind.


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Okemos, Michigan 48805
United States

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